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the name's Victorhugo. I'm a musician and writer. I also like things.

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One friendship ruined

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The Judges gave me 2nd place in the short story category of my school’s publishing magazine! I’m getting $75 for my work, this is all a first! I’m so exciteddddd and I get to read it at the Writes of Spring! dkfjdlfkbjdlfbkdjf two days of me reading my work to an audience! kdjfldkfjbdlkfj

I done good B) 

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This Ice Cream Truck Too Turnt Right Now

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Storm Thorgerson |  28/02/1944–18/04/2013

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So apparently the Scarlett Witch & Quicksilver will not be mutants in the upcoming Avengers film, rather they will be experiments/superhumans, reassuring that there will never be a tie-in between the X-Men and the Avengers. 

Fuck dat noise

Fuckkkk my Mom needed a shirt  so she came in my room and she started snooping and she wanted to look into my closet for no reason at all. And fuckkk I had an empty bottle of Captain Morgan with my face on it(literally) that I got for my birthday from a friend. And mannnnnnnn if she’d seen that this would have turned into the time I got caught with pictures of bongs on my phone. She’s suspicious of me now because I didn’t let her look in there, but fuck, whatever. 

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